Maine Wave, jigsaw reduction woodblock print


Maine Wave, jigsaw reduction woodblock print


image size: 10" x 12"
edition of 20
signed and numbered on the front

Inspired by a plein air painting, this print was created using a unique process:
The wood block was cut into pieces that were inked separately, reassembled and run through a press.

Next I carved each piece, inked them separately and re-joined them again to print another layer. I repeated this for about 6 layers, until the print was finished.

Removing more and more material from one block to create different color layers is called the "reduction" method.

All the materials used in this print are entirely archival. I used lightfast oil ink on Stonehenge paper.

Each print is hand numbered with impression and edition (ex. 3/20, 4/20, etc.) and signed and titled.

The print does not have a watermark - that is just a graphic on the digital photo.

It will come to you with a firm backing in a protective plastic sleeve.

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