Morning Obsession on Appledore


Morning Obsession on Appledore


image size: 6" x 8 "

white-line woodcut print on Rives lightweight paper
inked with gouache

signed and numbered on the front

NOTE: This is a very limited edition of 4. The print seen here is #1 (labeled 1/4) and it is the exact one you will get.

In September, I traveled to Appledore Island off the coast of southern New Hampshire and Maine to teach a bit of printmaking and to paint in oils on site.

I didn't pack any wood for white-line woodcuts for the trip, because I didn't think I would have time. The printmaking bug did sneak in to my psyche, though. 

As luck would have it, there was a construction project going on out there. A porch is being added to one of the buildings and there were some scrap pieces of pine in the "bonfire pile." 

Scrap pine is what the original Provincetown Printmakers traditionally used. 

The romance of it all proved too powerful to resist- copying my printmaking heroes by using found materials to create a print on a historic island?! Come on - you can't make this stuff up!

After a brief affair with a special rock formation, I had some pencil drawings as inspiration. One morning, I snuck out to add a color study to my stores of information for a print.

I was able to transfer a drawing to the unusually shaped block, carve it and ink and print one piece while out on the island. 

If there is one thing that is more fun than white-line printing in the studio is white-line printing outdoors in a lovely location!

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